What is STR’s mission?
Strong Tower Ranch is a Christ-centered refuge offering hope and mentoring to youth, especially those at risk.

What is STR’s organizational style?
Our ministry programs are run by committees. We have a board of directors for financial oversight and for accountability. CLICK HERE for details.

What programs/services do you offer?

Summer Day Camp (four one-week camps): Summer Day Camp (four one-week camps): Youth ages 8-14 experience a week of outdoor adventure where they develop their relationship with God and others through fun activities and life lessons from the Bible and creation. NEW in 2018: Rancher campers stay overnight for one or two nights during the week of camp to continue building on the principles learned during the day.

Teen and Young Adult Mentoring: Youth ages 15+ participate in monthly leadership training during the pre-camp and post-camp seasons and are encouraged to help staff a week of camp for younger children. They are mentored in how to live for Christ by serving others and being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Horsemanship: Teachable moments of trust, relationship building, and leadership skills are built upon during the time spent with the horses.

  • Summer Horsemanship Camps: Learn to be a safe, skilled rider while building a relationship of trust and respect with the horse. Daily devotions apply these principles to help strengthen our relationship with Jesus.
  • Spring and Fall Programs: We aspire to empower individuals with the confidence of who they are in Christ through our mentoring and discipleship equine programs known as GATES and Remnants. Remnants is a sponsored program for participants who have been referred to STR. GATES tuition fee is waived for participants who qualify for sponsorship. We will not turn anyone away due to financial difficulties.  

Are all your programs free? Are they open to everyone?

Summer Day Camp: There is a cost per camper. We seek donations to provide camp at no cost for children who meet the sponsored camper qualifications. Once sponsored campers are registered, registration is open to the general public

Horsemanship: There are fees for summer horse camps (filled on a first-come, first-served basis) and scheduled group trail rides which help offset the expense of caring for the herd. Remnants and GATES are our spring and fall programs. Remnants  is a sponsored program for participants who have been referred to STR.  GATES tuition fee is waived for participants who qualify for sponsorship. We will not turn anyone away due to financial difficulties.

Who are the sponsored participants?
We evaluate needs on a case-by-case basis. Many of our sponsored participants have an incarcerated parent, are in a foster home, have suffered from various forms of abuse or the loss of a parent or sibling due to domestic violence, drug overdose or suicide. Any openings left after these prioritized situations are given to those who have financial need. Many youth are referred to us through organizations that work with families in distress, foster care support groups, emergency shelters, child advocacy centers, churches, etc.

Are you a licensed therapy facility?
We are not a licensed therapy facility and do not offer professional counseling or therapy. We want all who visit to be encouraged with the hope and love found in Jesus. Teachable moments of trust, relationship building, and leadership skills are built upon during the time spent at Strong Tower Ranch. Our goal is to equip children, teens, and adults with valuable life lessons that can be carried over into every-day experiences.

Are you a horse rescue facility?
Although horse rescue is not part of our STR’s purpose, some of our horses were rescued by concerned individuals who then donated the rescued horses to Strong Tower Ranch.

Is the property available for rental?
Facilities are available April through October for rental by churches, scouting programs, homeschool groups, family reunions, birthday and graduation parties, weddings, etc. Renters can know their rent fee supports the ministry of STR. In keeping with the purpose of STR, we reserve the right (as privately-owned property and therefore not a place of public accommodation) to refuse any individuals or groups with values which are inconsistent with our Statement of Faith. CLICK HERE for details and to make a reservation.

How is STR supported financially?
We are non-denominational, non-profit and dependent on prayers, charitable giving, and volunteer help. We are not affiliated with any church or other organization.

Where can I find more details about the ministry of STR?
, then look under the menu heading “Who We Are” to find all the details about the organization and how we operate. You will also find information about program registration and property rental, and a sign-up form for our e-newsletters. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and information about Strong Tower Ranch.

How do I contact STR staff?
Our message line is 636-333-0212. Follow the prompts and leave a message according to your interests. Or email us at Our mailing address is: Strong Tower Ranch, 600 Sunshine Lane, Wright City, Missouri, 63390. More specific contact information can be found on our website program pages.

Is Strong Tower Ranch located in Foristell or Wright City?
The property is located in Foristell, but bordered by Wright City on the west and south sides. The Wright City post office delivers the mail to this area and therefore gives the ranch its address. CLICK HERE for driving directions.

How long has STR been around?

The ministry began the first camp program in 1998 and the first horse program several years later. It’s been called “the best kept secret in the area.” You can help us spread the word by liking us on Facebook and asking your church to schedule an event at the Ranch.

How did STR start and who owns it?

A farmer who came to Christ late in life wanted his farm to be a camp so that children could hear about Jesus earlier in life than he did. A friend helped him incorporate the ministry in 1995. In 1997, two families joined who got it organized and programs started. The land was donated, and everything on it belongs to the 501(c)(3) ministry.

Can I visit the ranch?
Send an email to and someone will contact you to schedule a visit.