Day Camp Mission Statement

Our Purpose: The salvation and discipleship of area youth.

Keys to accomplishing this Purpose:

  • Clear presentation of the gospel through Bible lessons and other teaching opportunities.
  • Clear invitation and intentional counseling so youth are aided in their response to the gospel.
  • Teaching of apologetics so youth cannot easily have their faith stolen by skeptics. Essential apologetics include the divinity of Christ and the authority of the Bible. Because the Bible is most often under attack by the theory of evolution, creation apologetics are also essential.
  • Teaching about discipleship (how to follow Jesus in one’s daily life) from Jesus’ own teaching.
  • Demonstration by Staff of discipleship: Christ the center of their lives, absolute trust and obedience to the Word, prayer life, love for fellow believers and the lost world, bringing others to Christ.
  • Training others (special emphasis on teens) to minister unselfishly and to share their faith.