Age: 11
Breed: Quarter Pony
Color: Dun
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.1 hands
STR Arrival Date: February 8 2015

Spirit reminds us of the unity we have in Christ and how Christ is over all and through all and in all. In January of 2015, we received a phone call about a wounded horse that desperately needed a home. This call came in the midst of a time-intensive injury to our ranch horse Gideon. We heard the plea in the voice of this horse’s owner and said we would come and see him. The day we were scheduled to go see this horse was also the day we had to make a huge decision about an expensive procedure to save Gideon’s eye. In faith, we called out to God through prayer, and His Holy Spirit began to move in the hearts of many people in our community. With peace in our hearts, we headed out to go visit the new horse. As we walked into the barn, my breath was taken away at the site of the wound inflicted on his side. There was a hole big enough to fit a fisted hand. We were immediately amazed at the gentle, questioning spirit of this little horse and how he allowed complete strangers to move in close. He was a little uncertain and high-headed, but as we prayed with his owner, his head dropped into a relaxed, submissive position and we knew he was ours. The challenge was finding a forever home for one of our older horses who was ready for retirement before we could bring this little guy home. It almost seemed there were too many obstacles for this to become a reality; one horse in the clinic needed surgery, another needed a forever home, and this horse needed healing and a new home. As we reached out to the community asking for prayer and financial support, amazing things happened on a time-line only orchestrated by God. The funds for the surgery came in within 24 hours of asking, our older horse found his forever home, left on a Friday, and the little dun arrived at STR on Sunday. The unity that was felt through this chain of events can only point to our Heavenly Father. Spirit will always remind us of Ephesians 4:3 when God tells us to “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to one hope when you were called.”