Age: 18
Breed: Belgian / Quarter Horse cross
Color: Bay
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15.2 hands
Markings: Half stocking on right hind leg, Heel spot on right foreleg, Sock on left hind leg, Strip
STR Arrival Date: July 8 2001

Solomon was born at Strong Tower Ranch in 2001.  He remains the only horse ever born on the property and has been here since the beginning.  Originally, Solomon was broke as a driving horse and would pull wagons in local parades. Now, he has switched jobs and is primarily a program horse. He is also one of the biggest horses on the property standing at 15.2 hands.  But please do not let his size intimidate you!  Solomon is an extremely gentle horse and a great teacher for riders of all levels and ages.  He is loved by many because of his curious personality and heart of gold. He even has a book written about him titled Solly’s not-so-great Adventure.