Age: 22
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Gender: Mare
Height: 15 hands
Markings: Blaze extending onto chin, Pastern on left hind leg, Stockings on both forelegs
STR Arrival Date: Fall 2011

Promise was donated to the ranch in the fall of 2011.  Promise was not her original name, but we decided to rename her as a reminder that God’s promises always hold true.  From the beginning, she showed us the promise of intelligence, willingness, and obedience.  Promise is always happy to spend time with her human friends.  She loves attention!  Though she was spunky under saddle with teens and adults in her younger days, she has always been as gentle as can be when a small child is on her back.  Promise served at STR for many years, blessing countless people.  In spring of 2018, she was ready to retire, and the Coker family happily agreed to adopt her into their family and retire her at the Ranch.  She loves her retirement hobby – learning tricks like giving “hugs” and nodding her head “yes.”  She also loves being brushed. Promise has lived up to her name and reminds us how faithful our God is.