Age: 18
Breed: Percheron
Color: Black
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.2 hands
Markings: Coronet on right hind leg, Sock on left hind leg
STR Arrival Date: January 6 2019

In the Hebrew language, the name Josie means “God will add.” God certainly added to our herd when He brought Josie to us through friends of the Ranch Derrik Kassebaum and his family. We are so thankful that Josie, after many years at a wonderful home, was donated to us. In the past, Josie spent some time at Strong Tower Ranch helping us with LIFT Camps and Harvest Hoedowns. We had no idea that God had a plan to “add” her to our herd. When Derrik found Josie, she was 600 pounds underweight, suffering from abscessed jaw teeth, and deemed worthless in the line of work in which she was needed. Derrik brought her home and used many resources to restore her back to health. This started her on the road to recovery not only physically, but also in relating to humans and trusting them. She has a quiet confidence about her and is truly a gentle giant. The Percheron breed is known for their kind, gentle temperaments despite their very large size. Josie has already won the hearts of many, and we know that Josie will help countless people on the path of emotional healing, restoration, acceptance, and purpose. Josie’s power and strength are a beautiful reminder of our King Jesus, who is so very powerful, yet humble and meek in nature. Jesus is our ultimate destination for redemption, and we are so grateful He has given us Josie to help us in this journey. “GOD WILL ADD…”