Age: 20
Breed: Paint
Color: Sorrel and white
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.1 hands
Markings: Blaze, white paint spots, White pastern on left forleg
STR Arrival Date: January 2014

Hadassah is named after the great Queen Esther in the Bible. Before she changed her name to Esther, Hadassah was a simple girl living in Persia; she did not know the great plans God had for her life. Our Hadassah was orphaned and sent to the slaughter lot at nine months old—much like the Hadassah of the Bible, who lost her parents at a very young age. Our Hadassah was rescued and lived for 13 years just being a horse. When she first came to the Ranch, she was nervous and scared, as the Biblical Hadassah must have been when taken from her childhood home to live at the castle. Of all the books in the Bible, Esther is unique because God is never once mentioned explicitly. Still, for those who know God and who know history, God is in the story—behind it, above it, and beneath it. He is the main actor in history, even if He is not acknowledged. Our Hadassah will forever be remembered at Strong Tower for her beauty, unique markings, and spirited personality. And we acknowledge the author behind her story, our Lord Jesus.