Age: 21
Breed: Pony / Part Halflinger
Color: Sorrel
Gender: Gelding
Height: 13 hands
Markings: Blaze, Coronet on left foreleg, Half stockings on hind legs, Heel spot on right foreleg
STR Arrival Date: October 2006

Bill first came to the ranch in October 2006 off the back of a horse trader’s trailer.  We do not know much about his past life.  When he came to the ranch, he was an extremely head-shy and wild pony. With all the patience and love Bill received from staff, wranglers, and children, he has learned to love and trust again. He was named Bill after the Hobbits’ pony in the much acclaimed epic series Lord of the Rings.  His small size is not enough to hold his huge heart.  Bill loves everyone!  He even has a book written about him titled Not Just a Pony.