Board of Directors

Andy Moehlenpah Chairman
Jan Petzoldt Secretary
Pam Regensburger Treasurer
Mark Brooks
Jeremy Blaine
Cheryl Smith

Ministry Leaders

Mark Willis, Executive Director

Lori Brooks, Horsemanship

Lori has been leading teen programs in the barn for 11 years and was a volunteer for 5 years prior. She has mentored many teens into STR leadership roles.

Horsemanship Committee Members:
Kristie Breisch
Rhonda Coker
Krystal Forster

Michele Emge, Day Camp

Michele has been coordinating and overseeing the training of teens and young adults for 10 years with the DC program and was a volunteer for 7 years prior.

Day Camp Committee Members:
Kim Derrington – Camper Registrar
Mark Willis & Joy Willis – Circle Up Youth Leadership, Recruiting/Training
Jo Blaine – Sponsored Camper Coordinator
Debbie Schuknecht – Kitchen Manager
Ed Liliensiek – Mentor/Coach
Michelle DeHart – Mentor, Support Services
Joe Mason – Mentor, Support Services
Robbin Keller – Support services
Sarah Wadlow – Support services