Dear Family and Friends,

Once again, what seems like a blink of an eye; another summer has been completed here at Strong Tower Ranch. The good news is that what is an end to some is a beginning of so many in their new found walk with our Lord Jesus. What joy, what victory, what celebration there must be in heaven for the sinners who have repented and given their lives to the One who sits on high!

After 15 years of serving at this little oasis of love in the middle of our tri-counties, I am once again astonished how God can blow my socks off with His marvelousness…one thing I know for certain is NO ONE can out do the King of Kings.

My summer began with my husband and I giving our daughter away in marriage at our beloved STR. My daughter wrote a beautiful testimony which she shared on social media and I think it is worth sharing with you;

Lori blog summer 2016“This camp. The place where I first learned the depth of God’s great love for me and how powerful scripture is. The camp where I was baptized and where I learned how to share the gospel with someone who doesn’t know Jesus. The place I was married to my love. And this week, where I met this sweet one holding me, this little girl has faced more heartbreak than I ever have. She has experienced more loss than most. Yet she loves so deeply and freely, there was hardly a moment she wasn’t giving me hugs like this. I pray she never doubts the Fathers love for her and the unexplainable joy of following Him.”

My dear friends this sweet little girl in the picture shared with me that she will be starting her 14th school this fall; she is only 10 years old and in foster care. What do you even say to something like that when my children have known the stability and love of two parents their whole lives…and she doesn’t even know where hers are. Strong Tower Ranch has been a source of stability for many children over the years. I know this little girl has come back to the Ranch for 3 years now and by God’s great grace, has been put on the same horse, Angel, for trail rides each year. She delights in that 20 minute walk. She loves that horse and I have had the honor of walking and talking with her about Jesus on those trail rides. Her joy is contagious and limitless despite her circumstances. She is one of so, so many who benefit from the programs at Strong Tower Ranch.

This fall we are taking a huge step of faith, one that God had put on my heart years ago, and I was too afraid to take the step of going to all free programming for horsemanship. We want to continue what we do at summer camps with these precious ones by bringing them back to participate in the horsemanship mentoring programs during the fall and spring. The time is now and I ask you to support this leap of faith by contributing to our child sponsorship programs or committing to sponsoring one of our horses who play such a vital role in hope and healing for so many children. They are the catalyst for which God has given us to break down the walls and bring hope into the hearts of so many.

As always, we covet your prayers above all else! We desire to be the light of Christ to these precious ones that He gives us the privilege of shepherding. It is only by His power and His might that we continue to do what we do at Strong Tower.

Thank you for your continual support and love. You are loved and appreciated beyond words.