God’s Perfect Timing

Dear Family and Friends,

I can’t believe that I am about to start my 4th week of summer activities at the ranch. As I sit here this morning and finally take a breath and reflect on the past few weeks I am once again humbled and amazed at the things God is doing at the ranch. For each set of feet that walks onto that property there is a heart and whether that heart has allowed God to move in, I have no idea, but I do know that heart has a story waiting to be told. It is easy to get caught up in what “I” am doing and lose sight of what God is doing and for some reason God is using this little ranch to bless others and I get to be a small part of that story! As you know, I take a leave of absence from my job at Huber Farms during the summer so I can be at the ranch for all the camp weeks. Thanks to many of you I have that income replaced through missionary support. It has been a stretch for me to ask others for money and I want to believe with all my heart that it is God’s will for me to do this…I am praying…”God I want to believe but help my disbelief.” As I moved into this summer, after a month of graduation preparations for my daughter, I was starting off exhausted. I came down with a cough that turned into a full-blown sinus infection and my husband’s car quit on him which he needs for his hours of travel for his job. My dog has some gum disease that needed immediate attention and the list goes on and on….my intellect is screaming I should be working and helping with bills but my heart is yearning to be serving God at the ranch doing His work! This past week was hard and once again I was questioning God and asking Him to show me this is what I should be doing. In our horse camp devotions we learned about Gideon and how he asked God to show him through a specific request that he was supposed to do what God asked him to do. Well… if Gideon asked God then I figured I can too so I specifically asked God to have someone send in some support since I hadn’t received any since May 31st. Yesterday morning God put someone on my heart to talk to about our Cowboy Camp for her nephew and within an hour I received a text from this exact person asking if she could come see me at the ranch and of course I said yes because I wanted to talk to her too!!!! I just love how God does this; He is always advocating on our behalf. Anyway, she showed up and had an envelope and shared with me how finances have been tight for them so she put my support letter aside for a while but her husband brought it up and said he felt God was leading him to support me for the summer. So they decided to pray about an amount, sleep on it, and then write down the number on a piece of paper in the morning. As God would have it their numbers matched so they agreed to support me at that amount!!! When she handed me the check we cried and we prayed and we both marveled at how God ALWAYS comes through…ALWAYS in His perfect timing.

I want to thank all of you for interceding on my behalf through prayer and financial support. The rewards are seeing the face of these precious children and being able to share with them the great promises God has in store for them when they choose to follow Jesus; their hearts are open to His gift and NOW is the time, life is getting harder and harder for these children with the exposure of so much through internet, social media and TV. They need a Rescuer to move in close to guide them through troubled waters and they need to know Jesus will never leave them or forsake them. It is an honor and privilege to walk these hollowed grounds at STR, proclaiming the Truth in love to so many. Thank you all for believing in me!!! My support goal was $2500 and Praise the Lord I am within $500 of reaching that goal. Please keep the prayers coming for hearts to be open to receiving the Good News of our Lord, safety for the children, Wranglers and all the STR Staff.

Love to you all,