This is a discipleship program for teens ages 14-18. The number of SPURS is limited by the number of instructors and horses involved in the program. When there is a vacancy, instructors may recommend exceptional students for consideration. The decision to invite a student to apply is made by the Horsemanship Program Committee. Should this occur, the student and parent will be contacted by an instructor, and will be given application paperwork to complete. After a trial period of eight weeks, the Committee will make a final decision regarding the student’s acceptance into the program. The criteria for consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Evidence of a genuine relationship with Christ
  • A willingness to be discipled and spiritually accountable to program instructors
  • Proficiency in horsemanship skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Completion of CHA Level 1 Horsemanship Lessons (minimum of ten lessons) at Strong Tower Ranch

Bible studies/devotions are presented during SPURS sessions, which are held most Monday evenings. Advanced horsemanship instruction will also be provided.

Wranglers are required to work a minimum of two weeks each summer, looking for opportunities to share spiritual values with young campers while providing horsemanship activities. There is a SPURS Contract and Horsemanship Code of Conduct, based on scriptural principles, that all SPURS must sign and follow consistently to remain in the program.

Other SPURS responsibilities include horse care and training, barn and office chores, and preparation for and participation in parades and other events.