“In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.”
Psalm 102:25

A strong foundation is essential for many things in life, including relationships. Our horse camps will give the solid foundation it takes to be a skilled, safe rider, while building a relationship of trust and respect with the horse. Those same attributes will be carried over in our daily devotional as we learn more about how we can strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for a wonderful 2022 horse camp season. Please check back later for 2023 horse camp dates.

Payment for camp is made through the online registration process in your account @ stranch.configio.com

Ponytails Horsemanship Camp (8-11)

This camp offers both boys and girls ages 8 through 11 basic riding skills and horse care for beginner riders. Please bring a snack and water bottle.

*Camp Cost is $250 and is limited to eight children per week.
Meets 3 days, 9am until 12pm

Filly and Colt Horsemanship Camp (10-12)

This camp is for both boys and girls ages 10 through 12 who wish to learn and improve basic riding skills. Please bring a daily lunch and water bottle. Refrigerator and microwave available.

*Camp Cost is $325 and is limited to six children per week.
Meets 4 days, 9am until 1pm

Cowgirl Horsemanship Camp (13-18)

This camp is for girls ages 13 through 18 who have basic riding skills and wish to continue in their riding skills. This camp is an over night camp. Please refer to our cowgirl camp letter for the list of items you will need.
Prerequisite: A minimum attendance of at least two of our other camps or sufficient riding skills acquired through either our camps and GATES program to be considered for this camp. If skills have been acquired somewhere other than STR, please email Horsemanship to see if your camper has the skills needed for this camp.

*Camp Cost is $450 and is limited to six girls per week.
Meets 3 days and 2 nights, starting at 10am (first day) through 7pm (third day)
There will be a presentation for family and friends on the final day at 6pm.

If you have questions please contact Horsemanship via email or call 636-333-0212 Ext.3.

*All Horsemanship Camps require a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold their camp spot.