Day Camp Mission Trip

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Day Camp Group Mission Trip

A summer mission trip to STR (staying at the Ranch) has five benefits for your group:

  • Cost – $75 per person to STR (includes vol fee, lodging, lunches & snacks during camp) Your group decides additional costs for and provides your breakfasts & dinners.
  • Training – Your team, ages 15+, receives leadership training to lead someone in a salvation decision and to encourage their growth in Christ. Some may also gain lesson teaching experience. These are important skills to bring to your church’s other outreaches.
  • Outreach – If you are coming from Warren or St. Charles County, this outreach can enhance the efforts you are making to reach particular people in your community. STR will help to invite the children of families you are currently attempting to reach (and possibly provide transportation, if needed), giving you the opportunity to deepen those relationships.
  • Service – Your team will experience ministry to children who need to know the love and hope found only in God. We serve all children, but prioritize registration for children in foster care, those who have a parent in prison, have experienced abuse, or lost a family member to overdose, violence, or suicide.
  • Discipleship – Besides the ministry outreach aspect, there is time every day from 5:00 pm on for you to have fun with and disciple your team, providing bonding and spiritual growth where they need it.


June 10 – 14, and training on Sat. June 8

June 24 – 28, training on Sat. June 22

July 8 – 12, training on Sat. July 6

July 22 – 26, training on Sat. July 20

Times: Training Days at STR,  Noon – 6 pm, dinner at 6 pm, visit after

Camp weeks M-Th 8 am -5 pm, Fri 8 am -6 pm (and picnic after)

Mission groups and commuting volunteers arrive Saturday morning and begin training at Noon. Training will include running through activities on location so leaders become familiar with each other, the property and agenda before campers arrive on Monday morning. Training should be completed by 6 p.m., with dinner at 6 p.m.

You will be free on Sunday to spend time investing in your team. Camp begins 8:00 am Monday morning at the pavilion with praise and prayer and information.

After the campers leave on Friday, there is a Volunteer Appreciation picnic dinner with a time for sharing and encouraging each other with what God did during the week.

Groups may leave for home on Friday evening after the BBQ or on Saturday morning.

Are you looking for a mission trip for your youth ages 15-17 years old, college and/or adults’ group that is reasonable in price and offers a personal ministry experience?  Strong Tower Ranch would like to invite your group to come to the Ranch for a mission trip this summer. Your group will minister to many children, including children who are in foster care, have a parent in prison, have lost a family member due to drugs, violence, or suicide, have experienced abuse, or have financial challenges. These at-risk children would not be able to go to camp without the sponsorships provided through donations to STR and the ministry of your group.

If your church has planned a mission trip out of the country or out of state for this upcoming summer, those who are unable to go on that trip due to expense or scheduling, can partner with another church and have their own life-changing trip closer to home or participate as a commuting volunteer. Even if your group doesn’t travel a long distance to STR, we will provide a focused, away-from-home experience. After ministering to others during the day, your group can debrief and have its own discipleship time around a campfire. After camp activities could include swimming/boating and/or others dependent on available leaders.

Your group will build relationships with children while helping them learn who God is, who they are according to God’s word, and how to grow in their relationship with God through lessons, fun activities and focused talk time. We will provide your team with leadership training that will be of life-time benefit to each person including how to lead a child to Christ, identifying and growing leadership qualities, and how to work with children exhibiting challenging behaviors. Training also includes orientation of the camp facilities and the schedule. Teaching materials are provided for those serving as teachers.

Looking forward to connecting and partnering with you,

STR Day Camp Team

Mission Trip Details

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