Sponsorship Program


We want to reach as many children as possible with the truth and hope of the good news so they will know who they are in Christ and stand strong on His promises.

Strong Tower Ranch Day Camp is run by a committee working hard to evaluate the resources we have and use them wisely for the Lord’s glory. We desire to be good stewards of the gifts the Lord has given us and lead our volunteers to do the same.

The mission of Day Camp is to lead children to Christ and give them opportunities to grow and to reach others with the hope He alone offers. This is an ongoing mission. Some children attend many years and look forward to stepping into leadership but could not have continued to attend without sponsorship.

We have a sponsorship fund to which individuals or businesses can donate to help us reach campers who would otherwise not be able to attend camp.


To Sponsor a Child for Day Camp:

Here’s the exciting part! This offers an opportunity for parents or grandparents to partner with your child in “raising money” for camp. Our prayer is that this will inspire wonderful conversations, prayers, and blessings for you and your children. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store as we follow Him in obedience of stewardship. Please feel free to send any stories or ideas you might have of your saving journey to this email address: str.office.daycamp@gmail.com