2014 Development Projects

By God’s grace, we will continue to serve more challenged children and their families every year. There are five projects we need to complete in order to improve our current services. They are listed below as 2014 goals. The Ranch Leadership Team (Board of Directors and Committee Leads) is working on a long term development plan which we hope to share shortly. Your prayers are appreciated.

2014 Projects

New Swimming Dock

The dock in the lake is quite old and threatening to sink. We also need a safer set up, with ladders on the sides so that children swimming to the dock are not approaching a ladder in the front where people are jumping off. Materials for this project will cost between $1,000 and $1,200.  UPDATE 4/20/14  The Way, a church in Wentzville, has volunteered to build the dock and underwrite the materials. Please pray for Their successful fundraising and a successful day in mid-May when they come to do it. UPDATE 12/6/14 The new dock is beautiful and was completed in time for summer Day Camps.


Kitchen Remodel and Supply Room

The kitchen volunteers have patiently dealt with cramped work space, inadequate storage, and inadequate refrigeration. They feed well over 200 people a day. This spring we will take out the south wall and extend the kitchen by 16 feet. God has already provided like new commercial refrigeration equipment. The addition to this building will also include an extra 10 feet on the end for day camp supply storage. These supplies are currently being kept in the nurse’s office causing overcrowding there. The following is the cost breakdown for this project. Any donations of listed supplies will help offset the costs.

 The men of WestPlex Community Church (on Hwy T in Foristell) are coming on Saturdays to work on the job.

  Update 4/20  Need/Cost   Supplied
Frost wall and piers           450       450  Thank you Cardinals Care (grant of $1,500)
Trench equipment rental           200       200  Thank you Cardinals Care (grant of $1,500)
Lumber and doors         2,000        850 625  Thank you Cardinals Care (grant of $1,500) Thank you individual gift
Shingles            600       525  Thank you Arrowhead Building Supplies
Flooring underlaminate            150
Siding         2,000
Electrical and small misc           500
Light fixtures           350
Refrigeration equipment        6,000      6,000  Thank you WestPlex Community Church and          individual gift
Air Conditioner Unit           400
Stainless Steel Triple Sink           400
Stainless Steel wire shelving           400
Countertops           200
Flooring        1,000
Total  $  14,650 $    8,025

Still needed:  $6,000


New Playground by the Barn

Sometimes the children in the horse programs have younger siblings who are waiting on them. They need something to do, a safe place to play. The cost for this project is $2,300.

UPDATE 4/20/14  Old Newsboys has granted $2,000 to this project.  Praise the Lord! UPDATE 12/6/14 The new playground is a big hit with the kids and their parents. It is a great addition to the barn area and a blessing to families who come for horsemanship activities.


New Bleacher Seating in the Barn

We are very happy with the new landscaping and entrance for the barn. With the completion of the new hay storage and maintenance building, we were able to move everything out of the indoor riding arena. This allows more room for programs inside the barn. Next we would like to build some seating so guardians can sit and watch their children in the programs. We need a good fence and bleacher seating so people can see over the fence. The cost for this project is $3,000. UPDATE 12/6/14 Once again God provided and families are enjoying the new bleacher seating.


Completion of the Maintenance Building

The maintenance building is complete except for one final wall and large sliding door (see photo) for $1,200. We’re excited that this building is now holding the hay and equipment that used to be in the horse barn, allowing for more space for programs. The work shop (on the right in photo) will hold tools that used to be spread around the property and in the horse barn. It will allow the men to have a place to work on projects and equipment, even in the winter. UPDATE 12/6/14 The maintenance building is complete! Praise the Lord!

unfinished maint bldg


Monthly Supporters

As of this update (4/20), the General Fund is extremely low. The GF covers expenses such as insurance, utilities, and general maintenance. It’s not as fun to give to overhead expenses like this as it is to give to special projects, but it’s just as important. Regular monthly income is important for smooth operation.


To give to any project, go to How to Help / Donations.  Thank you!