Current Staffing Needs

The Strong Tower Ranch Leadership Team is currently seeking qualified individuals to assist in the areas of fundraising, marketing and public relations, as well as qualified candidates for our Board of Directors.


Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to use your time, talent, skills, and ability for God’s kingdom.  We hope you’ll prayerfully consider serving at Strong Tower Ranch.   If you have experience or interest in any of the areas mentioned below and would like to learn more about these opportunities at STR, please contact us.  It will be exciting to see how God will meet all our needs in 2015!

One of our most pressing needs is raising funds for the ministry. We are confident that the resources are out there; we just need to make the connection.  There are ongoing expenses that continue to increase as our ministry grows.  We depend on the generosity of churches, organizations and individuals to keep our programs running smoothly.  Beyond these immediate financial needs, our Leadership Team has been seeking God’s will for the future development of the property.  If you have interest or questions about this position please e-mail us here.

Help Needed:

Fundraising Coordinator to plan and facilitate fundraising activities and events.

Ministry at STR is truly a community effort.  We rely on local churches to send short-term missions groups to staff our programs and work groups to provide labor for building projects and ongoing property maintenance.  Local businesses, civic groups and private organizations often help through monetary giving and donation of supplies and equipment.

These resources require work on our part to establish and maintain relationships in our community through meetings, presentations and ongoing communication.  If you have interest or questions about this position please e-mail us here.

Help Needed:

  • Church Liaison to help us establish a Church Partnerships with YOUR church (click here for details).
  • Public Relations Representative to attend meetings of civic groups and private organizations, raising awareness of STR in the community.  Would also meet with church/ministry leaders, conduct property tours and make presentations to local churches or other groups.

Board of Directors
Strong Tower Ranch would like to enhance its Board of Directors by adding qualified members to this vital ministry leadership team.  We have developed an interim process that allows a six-month evaluation period to determine long-term potential of a candidate.  If you would like to know more, e-mail us here.