Ministry Model

Mass evangelism is the foundation of our ministry, reaching approximately 400 children each summer. These children hear the good news about Jesus presented clearly every day and are given an opportunity to respond. Other general programs for the public present the gospel as well, including special events such as the annual Hoedown. Remnants gives participants one-on-one special attention.

Moving up in age campers and participants in the GATES program have more discipleship instruction in a small group setting. GATES also has time with one instructor paired with each participant for maximum mentorship.

Over 170 teens and adults are trained each summer to work at camp as Counselors and support help. Young people who show leadership potential are given additional training in the Internship Program, and SPURS.

Counselors, Interns and SPURS participants become leaders in the Day Camp and Horsemanship programs. They not only gain important life skills and fulfillment, but they inspire campers and other youth lifting them up to become leaders.